Energy Coach - November

As the temperature begins to climb through November, here are some practical tips to beat the heat, categorized by cost and ease of implementation.

Energy Coach - November

Smart Strategies to Beat the Heat Efficiently

With the Australian summer fast approaching, maintaining a cool and energy-efficient home should be a priority for Australian households every November.

From Free & Easy to Cheap & Effective to Expensive but Worth It, Energy Coach has your November energy efficiency roadmap covered, no matter what your budget.

Free & Easy

It costs nothing more than a bit of thought and a little effort to start your energy efficiency journey. Here are our Free & Easy tips to get you started this November.

Reorganize Daily Activities

Adjusting the timing of energy-intensive tasks is a zero-cost way to manage indoor temperatures. Perform tasks like laundry, dishwashing, or baking either early in the morning or late at night to avoid adding heat during the hottest parts of the day.

Seasonal Household Routines to Maximise Energy Efficiency
Adapting our household routines by season is a practical and cost-effective way to optimise energy use throughout the year. This article explores various ways Australians can reorganize their daily household activities to maximize energy efficiency in each season.

Natural Ventilation

Use natural breezes to cool your home. Open windows in the early morning and late evening to allow cooler air to circulate. Remember to close them as the day warms up to trap the cooler air inside.

Optimizing Ventilation for Energy Efficiency
Not only does good ventilation contribute to improved air quality and health, but it also plays a crucial role in enhancing energy efficiency. This article explores various strategies to optimize ventilation in Australian homes, balancing indoor climate control with energy savings.

Smart Use of Curtains and Blinds

Keep blinds and curtains closed during the day to block out sunlight, particularly on north and west-facing windows. This simple action can significantly reduce heat accumulation.

Maximise Energy Efficiency with Curtains, Blinds, and Window Shutters
Strategic use of curtains, blinds, and window shutters can play a pivotal role in temperature regulation and energy efficiency.

Ceiling Fans

Use ceiling fans effectively. They consume far less energy than air conditioners and can create a cooling breeze that makes the room feel several degrees cooler.

Mastering Ceiling Fans: Balancing Comfort and Energy Savings
Ceiling fans are often overlooked when thinking about heating and cooling, but they shouldn’t be! Ceiling fans are cheap and effective tools to maximise energy efficiency in your home

Cheap & Effective

Ready to take the next step? Here are our inexpensive but effective tips and recommendations for taking it to the next level.

Window Films and Reflective Shades

Installing reflective window films or external shades is a cost-effective way to reduce solar heat gain. These can be purchased at a reasonable price and can make a noticeable difference.

Window Films and Reflective Shades: Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Homes
This article delves into the benefits, types, and installation tips for reflective window films and shades, guiding homeowners on how to make the most of these options.

LED Lighting

Replace incandescent bulbs with LED lights. LEDs emit less heat and are more energy-efficient, helping to keep room temperatures down and reduce electricity bills.

LED Lighting
Shed a Light on Savings: Why You Should Switch to LED Lighting in Your Home Today!

Seal Gaps and Leaks

Use weather stripping or caulk to seal gaps around windows and doors. This prevents warm air from entering and cool air from escaping, enhancing the effectiveness of your cooling system.

Close the door on draughts
One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve the thermal efficiency of your home is to stop drafts from around your door

Strategic Landscaping

Planting deciduous trees or shrubs on the sunnier side of your property can provide shade and naturally cool your home. This requires a bit of effort and a small investment in plants, and will take time to become effective, but it will provide one of the best efficiency outcomes in the long run.

Strategic Landscaping: Harnessing Nature for Home Energy Efficiency
Trees, shrubs, and other plants around your property can help naturally regulate your home’s temperature, reduce energy costs, and contribute positively to the environment

Expensive but Worth It

OK, now let's bite the bullet on some big-ticket expenses. These will probably take some planning to afford, but they will pay back big time over their lifetimes.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Upgrading to double-glazed or energy-efficient windows can be costly but offers significant long-term savings. These windows reduce heat gain during summer and keep your home warmer in winter, cutting down on heating and cooling costs.

Energy-Efficient Windows: A Smart Investment for Long-term Savings
Although the initial investment for double-glazed or energy-efficient windows can be significant, the long-term savings and comfort is worth it.

Home Insulation

Improving your home’s insulation might come with an upfront cost, but it is an effective way to maintain a stable indoor temperature. Insulation in the walls, ceiling, and floors can drastically reduce the need for artificial cooling and heating.

Insulation is the single most important thing for minimising energy consumption in your home. Here’s everything you need to know.

Smart Cooling Systems

Investing in smart thermostats and energy-efficient air conditioning units can make a substantial difference. These systems automatically adjust temperatures based on your habits and preferences, ensuring efficient energy use.

Smart Home Cooling Systems: Revolutionising Energy Efficiency
Smart home cooling systems offer precise control and improved efficiency. These systems not only cool homes more effectively but also adapt to user habits and preferences, leading to smarter energy use.

Solar Panels

Installing solar panels is a significant investment but can lead to immense savings in the long run. With the abundant Australian sunshine, solar panels can effectively power your cooling systems, significantly reducing your reliance on the grid.

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Whether you're looking for immediate, cost-free solutions or are prepared to invest in long-term energy efficiency, there are numerous ways to keep your home cool as the Australian summer approaches. By implementing these strategies, you can enjoy a comfortable, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient November.

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