Energy Coach - April

The cool-down is coming, and Energy Coach is here to to help you save through the cooler months ahead.

Energy Coach - April

Welcome to the April edition of Energy Coach

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As we start heading into autumn, April presents unique opportunities to optimise home energy use. This shift brings cooler temperatures, reduced humidity, and the occasional rainfall, making it the perfect time to adapt and enhance your home's energy efficiency. From simple tweaks to strategic upgrades, here are effective tips to ensure your home is energy-efficient, comfortable, and environmentally friendly so you’re set up for the colder months ahead.

Immediate Actions for Energy Efficiency in April

1. Harness Natural Light and Warmth

April's clear, bright days are ideal for maximising natural light and warmth. Open curtains on north-facing windows during the day to allow sunlight to naturally heat your home and reduce the reliance on artificial heating and lighting.

Energy-Efficient Windows: A Smart Investment for Long-term Savings
Although the initial investment for double-glazed or energy-efficient windows can be significant, the long-term savings and comfort is worth it.

2. Seal and Insulate

Cooler nights mean it's time to check your home for drafts. Use weather-stripping or draft stoppers on doors and windows to prevent cold air from entering and warm air from escaping. Additionally, assess your home’s insulation, particularly in the attic and walls, to ensure it retains warmth during the increasingly chilly nights.

Close the door on draughts
One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve the thermal efficiency of your home is to stop drafts from around your door

3. Adjust Your Water Heating

Water heating can account for a significant portion of your energy bill. Lower the temperature setting on your hot water system to around 60°C to reduce energy consumption while still being hot enough to prevent Legionella bacteria growth.

Hot Water Systems
Hot water is one of the most important household appliances. Here’s how to navigate the complexities of hot water systems, focusing on energy efficiency and safety.

4. Smart Use of Heating Appliances

If you're starting to use heaters, ensure they are only on when needed and in use. Portable heaters are great for heating small areas efficiently. Always choose energy-efficient models and use them wisely by heating occupied rooms only.

Long-Term Strategies for Sustainable Efficiency

1. Upgrade to Efficient Heating Systems

Consider upgrading your heating systems if they are outdated. Modern, energy-efficient systems like reverse cycle air conditioners or efficient wood or pellet heaters can be more economical and environmentally friendly over time.

2. Consider Solar Panels

April's mild weather is conducive for installing solar panels. Solar energy can significantly reduce your electricity bills and your household's carbon footprint. Investigate state and federal rebates and incentives that may be available to help offset the initial installation costs.


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3. Invest in Smart Home Technology

Smart thermostats can optimize heating and cooling automatically, ensuring energy isn't wasted when no one is home. Smart lights and plugs can also help control and monitor energy usage more efficiently.

Smart Home Cooling Systems: Revolutionising Energy Efficiency
Smart home cooling systems offer precise control and improved efficiency. These systems not only cool homes more effectively but also adapt to user habits and preferences, leading to smarter energy use.

4. Window Treatments for Insulation

Heavy curtains or blinds can provide an additional layer of insulation, keeping your home warm in the evenings and cool during the day. Consider thermal curtains that help prevent heat loss through windows, a common issue in cooler months.

Window Films and Reflective Shades: Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Homes
This article delves into the benefits, types, and installation tips for reflective window films and shades, guiding homeowners on how to make the most of these options.

Regular Maintenance for Optimal Efficiency

1. Service Your Heating Systems

Before the colder months fully set in, have your heating system serviced by a professional to ensure it’s operating efficiently. This can help avoid mid-winter breakdowns and costly emergency repairs.

2. Clean and Unblock Vents

Ensure all heating vents and radiators are not blocked by furniture or curtains, and clean any dust accumulations. This allows warm air to circulate freely, increasing the efficiency of your heating system.

Optimizing Ventilation for Energy Efficiency
Not only does good ventilation contribute to improved air quality and health, but it also plays a crucial role in enhancing energy efficiency. This article explores various strategies to optimize ventilation in Australian homes, balancing indoor climate control with energy savings.

April’s Energy Efficiency Checklist

  • Daylight Utilization: Make the most of the longer daytime hours by maximizing natural light and warmth.
  • Seal Drafts: Spend a weekend checking and sealing up drafts around windows and doors.
  • Heating Check: Pull out and dust off heaters; test them to ensure they're ready for the cooler months.
  • Service Major Systems: Arrange for a professional to service your heating system and any other major appliances.


April in Australia is a pivotal month for setting up your home for the cooler months ahead. By implementing both immediate and long-term energy efficiency measures, you can enjoy a comfortable, sustainable home that not only saves on energy costs but also contributes to a healthier environment. Start with small, actionable steps this April, and plan for bigger investments that will pay off throughout the year. With each change, you’re not just preparing for winter—you're also embracing a more energy-efficient lifestyle that benefits both your wallet and the planet.

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