Bill Hero Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Bill Hero community, a space for you to engage with other members, share knowledge and experiences, and share what content you enjoyed the most.

Bill Hero Community Guidelines
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One of the best things about publishing blog posts and newsletters is being able to engage with the community that forms around it. That's you!

As an initial step toward fostering a Bill Hero community, we've introduced a comments capability for the Bill Hero blog and newsletter Savings as a Service.

This new comments functionality creates space for you to engage with the Bill Hero team and other members, share knowledge and experiences, and share the content you enjoyed the most.

All comments are subject to moderation, and the Bill Hero team will remove any inappropriate comments that do not follow these community guidelines. If you believe a comment is inappropriate, you can flag it for review by a moderator.

To help keep the Savings as a Service community safe, constructive and fun, here are some best practices to keep in mind.

Respect each other

This is a safe and inviting community for everyone, so it's expected that all members be civil and respectful in their interactions.

Like any online community, we're a group of people with a range of different experiences, expertise, backgrounds and beliefs, many of which may differ from your own. Consider this a gift — interesting and challenging perspectives can open doors you didn't even know existed. You might be able to help educate others, and you may even learn something yourself.

Real names, real expertise

When you publish your first comment on this site, you'll be prompted to complete a member profile, including your name and expertise. You can also update this any time.

Using your real name and sharing your expertise or experience helps give context to valuable discussions. Sharing these extra details alongside your comments helps show the perspective from which you are joining the conversation.

Stay on topic, share your sources

A new post might prompt many different kinds of responses, from a reader sharing a personal story to a newcomer asking for clarification.

Please always do your best to stay on topic, support your replies with additional context or sources where appropriate, and focus on discussing the ideas presented.

  • Include links to trustworthy articles, reports, and sources to support your arguments
  • Only share links to your own content published elsewhere online if and when it directly adds to the conversation happening here. Please don't spam. Nobody likes spam, and the moderators will remove it.

If you've contributed a comment to the conversation, and someone else replies to your thread, you'll be notified by email. You can choose to switch these emails off in your member account settings, under email preferences.

Keep it constructive and kind

Constructive contributions are the best. If you have some knowledge that places the topic of the post in a new light, or if you have feedback or an opinion about the subject matter, then share it in a way that helps everyone feel like this is a space where new ideas are respected and valued.

With every comment you make, you add to the dialogue. Many people may read your words and use them to shape their ideas and feelings about a topic, event, or person. Use that influence wisely. Move the collective conversation forward, and invite others to follow your lead.

It's not a support forum

If you have a support request or any issue with the Bill Hero service, please use our dedicated support channels, not the comments capability here in this Savings as a Service blog.

You can contact our friendly support team anytime at, or you can book a 15 minute support call for a time that suits you.

We reserve the right to remove support related comments and queries from the blog.

Flag inappropriate interactions

As a member, you can help maintain a safe and inviting space by reporting any behaviour that goes against these guidelines.

If you see someone being rude, negative, hateful, divisive, or combative in the comments section, please flag it.

All you need to do is click the three dots next to the inappropriate comment, and then click Report comment. These reports are taken seriously, and there's a zero tolerance policy for abusive behaviour.

Behave online like you do in-person

Most people are kind and well-meaning. It may seem like the opposite is true on the internet, but the reality is that people tend to follow the majority, so if we set and maintain a clear expectation for good behaviour, we will minimise the chance for bad.

You can help keep the tone of this space friendly, informative and fun if you lead the way with insightful, humane language.

Let's keep this a space that you'll want to spend time in.

That’s it! If you’ve scrolled this far, thank you for being a valued member of the Bill Hero Community, and see you in the comments!

Thanks for your help & support. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns

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