Savings as a Service

Bill Hero is not a 'comparison service', it's a Savings Service

Savings as a Service
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya / Unsplash

We've spent a lot of time thinking about how best to help everyday people get better outcomes on notoriously difficult household purchase.

We're all used to comparison services that actually look after the interests of retails more than consumers, and Bill Hero is here to deliver a genuinely different and new style of service.

Bill Hero is not a 'comparison service', it's a Savings Service.

Bill Hero does more than just help you compare between retailers and plans. We start with your actual electricity bill, and we make that bill work for you:

  • We take the detailed tariff, usage and price data from your bill, and compare what you were actually changed with what you would have been charged under every one of the publicly available alternative plans relevant for your tariff type and location
  • We rank your bill among those plans so you can easily see how much you could save
  • We facilitate your switch to the best price retailer, using clever approaches like pre-filling fields in the application process based on the information in the bill you uploaded
  • Best of all, we do this on a recurring subscription basis, so every bill you receive will be analysed, and we'll trigger a new switch whenever you can save

Savings as a Service, with ❤️ from Bill Hero.

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