Pool Pumps get Energy Stars

All pool and spa pumps sold in Australia must now meet minimum energy performance standards, and be labelled with an Energy Star rating.

Pool Pumps get Energy Stars
Photo by Maria Fernanda Pissioli / Unsplash

Swimming pool pumps are notoriously one of the biggest energy consumers for Australian households, taking up nearly 20% of an average pool-owner's electricity bill.

From 1 October 2022, new regulation requires manufacturers, importers or suppliers of pool and spa pumps to register all pumps sold in Australia, and pumps that do not meet the new minimum energy performance standard cannot be sold or supplied in Australia.

Pool and spa pumps offered for sale in Australia now require an energy star rating.

The Energy Star rating scale for pool pumps is from 1 to 10 stars. Each star represents an improvement in efficiency, so a 7 star pump will be more energy efficient than a 6 star pump, and an 8 star pump will be more efficient than a 7 star pump.

The higher the star rating, the lower your electricity cost will be for the pump.

How much electricity does a pool pump use?

An 8 star pump could save you $125.25 per year as compared to a 3 star model based on the estimated example below.

Electricity 8 star model 3 star model
Kilowatt hour (kWh) consumed per year 346 824
Example price per kWh $0.2683 $0.2683
Annual cost $92.83 $221.0
Savings $125.25 NA

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