Lights out, one more time

Yet another retailer has exited the retail energy market, triggering a Retailer of Last Resort event. That's 10 RoLRs since May last year.

Lights out, one more time
Sanctuary Energy is the latest retail brand to join the RoLR club

The AER has published yet another Retailer of Last Resort (RoLR) notice on 21 June 20232, this time for another iON Group retail energy brand, Sanctuary Energy.

A Retailer of Last Resort (RoLR) event has occurred in relation to Sanctuary Energy Pty Ltd ... in the National Electricity Market. Prior to the issue of this notice, Sanctuary Energy Pty Ltd was an authorised electricity retailer for the purposes of Part 5 of the NERL with the authorisation identification TE12036.

Although this does technically qualify as an RoLR event, Sanctuary Energy is reported to have zero retail customers in the most recent Quarterly Performance Report from AER, so there appears to be no practical impact on energy consumers.

It's been an extraordinary year for retail energy, and an extraordinarily challenging one for energy retailers.

This latest addition to the RoLR register makes it 10 retailers to have exited via RoLR since May 2022. The RoLR provision had only ever been triggered 5 times in the preceding six years.

RetailerDate of noticeInformation for customers
Sanctuary Energy Pty Ltd21 June 2023 
Mojo Power Pty Ltd16 June 2023Frequently asked questions
QEnergy Limited16 June 2023Frequently asked questions
Elysian Energy Pty Ltd1 September 2022Frequently asked questions
Social Energy Australia Pty Ltd24 August 2022Frequently asked questions
Mojo Power East Pty Ltd27 July 2022 (amended)Frequently asked questions
Power Club Limited12 July 2022Frequently asked questions
Enova Energy Pty Ltd22 June 2022Frequently asked questions
Weston Energy Pty Ltd31 May 2022 (amended)Frequently asked questions
Pooled Energy Pty Ltd24 May 2022Frequently asked questions
Flow Systems Pty Ltd3 May 2019 (amended) 
COzero Energy Retail Pty Ltd29 June 2018 
Urth Energy Pty Ltd2 February 2017 
GoEnergy Pty Ltd - gas13 April 2016 (amended) 
GoEnergy Pty Ltd - electricity2 April 2016

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