Ombudsman complaints are up

As the cost of living crisis continue to bite, Energy Ombudsman services in NSW and QLD have both reported increasing complaints.

Ombudsman complaints are up

As the cost of living crisis continues to bite, Australian households are now more frequently resorting to their state-based Ombudsman to help sort out their energy billing issues.

A record number of people in NSW complained to the state’s ombudsman about their power bill this winter, forcing it to hire additional dispute resolution staff to manage the workload.

Electricity bill shocks generate a record number of complaints
The NSW energy ombudsman received over 5000 complaints about power bills this winter, as cost of living pressures bite.

The Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON) received 5456 complaints about electricity bills between July and September, up 70 per cent from the same period in 2022, as cost of living pressures hit households.

Complaints to Queensland’s energy and water watchdog rise amid cost of living crunch
The Energy and Water Ombudsman negotiated more than $900,000 in outcomes for customers who made complaints.

Complaints made to Queensland's energy and water watchdog have climbed 16 per cent in the past financial year and are set to grow even further this year.

How to manage a retailer or billing complaint

Raise it with your retailer

If you have a complaint or an issue with your retailer, relating to billing or any other matter, your first step is to seek a resolution directly with the retailer.

Ajust can help

Every retailer has a complaints contact point, and Bill Hero partner Ajust can help streamline the process of lodging your complaint or issue with the right team at your retailer, with the minimum fuss.

Ajust your expectations
It can be hard to find a solution when you have an issue or complaint with your retailer. Bill Hero has partnered with Ajust to help streamline the process

Escalate only if necessary

If you're not satisfied that your retailer is handling the issue, or you are unhappy with their proposed resolution, you can always escalate to your state-based Ombudsman.

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